About Us - Hidden Acres Puppies

Hi, I'm Norma!

As owner and CEO at Hidden Acres Puppies, I want to extend a warm welcome! We got started raising puppies back in 2014, and have since fallen in love with the Goldendoodle breed. Our passion has always been to raise happy, healthy, family-friendly puppies; best friends that will last a lifetime!

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 My three amazing, talented, and beautiful daughters and I, live on a gorgeous small acreage, just east of Cedar Creek Lake, in Mabank, Texas. Life as a single mommy keeps me busy, but we find time to relax too. We enjoy watching the abundant wildlife that calls our little ranch "home", as well as going for long rides on our two horses, playing with the latest puppies, or meeting new clients.

Becky and Lolly enjoying the warm spring sunshine.

Why Goldendoodles?

We fell in love with Goldendoodles for their family friendly personalities, gorgeous, low-shedding coats, and their high intelligence/ease of training. They are typically very healthy and long-lived as well.  

Our Quality Guarantee 

We are fully committed to raising your next best friend in our pampered, loving family environment, while keeping them clean, groomed, and in optimum health. By the time our puppies leave for their new homes, (approx eight weeks) they will have all age appropriate shots, and a veterinary certified clean bill of health. They will also be well acclimated to human interaction, having been handled regularly since birth to ensure a seamless transition to their new family. 

We are a fully licensed breeder, and our state-of-the-art kennels meet or exceed all state regulations. We pride ourselves in keeping all our dogs in tip-top condition, with regular vet check-ups, premium food -free of corn,wheat or soy- and premium facilities that keep our dogs happy and well provided with ample food, water, and shelter. 

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